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Clinic Programs

We believe in treating our patients wholistically.  This  distinguishes our

clinic from everyone else.  As Occupational and Hand Therapists, we look at our patients as more than just hands but as individuals looking to return to productive and active living as soon as possible.



Upper Extremity/Hand Therapy/Neuro Rehabilitation

Wound Care

The delicate and intricate structure of the hand requires specialized therapy.  Everything you need from a thorough evaluation, hands-on treatment, and setting up a home and clinic program  with your needs and goals in mind.  You can expect to get the best including:


         * laser light therapy, HWAVE, TUNING FORK therapy

         * CUPPING therapy (vacuum assisted), GUA SHA soft tissue mobilization

         * Traditional as well as gentle hands on approach such as MARMA POINT THERAPY, MYOFASCIAL THERAPY, INTEGRATIVE MANUAL THERAPY, STRAIN COUNTERSTRAIN; JIN SHIN JYUTSU, EGOSCUE Posture management system,  and other techniques in rehabilitation to get you back to your activities.  

         * Option of paper handouts or ONLINE HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM with VIDEOS and photos to enhance your abiility to follow your customized treatment plan


Managing acute and chronic nonhealing wounds require a comprehensive and individualized treatment approach.  We at California Hand and Rehabilitation provide you with a thorough evaluation and treatment plan designed to maximize healing and return to your daily activities.  Our wound care services include skilled dressing changes, debridement, electrical modalities including Anodyne Therapy and Laser Light Therapy, patient education, and Activities of Daily Living Retraining.  

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