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Clinic History

Our clinic has been serving the needs of the Napa Valley community and the surrounding areas since 1993.  We work with hand, plastic, and microsurgeons from various areas including  Napa, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, St. Helena, Davis, and Marin.  We also collaborate with local orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners, internists, occupational health physicians and neurologists.  


We are known for treating hand injuries but we also provide exceptional results in the treatment of neck, shoulder, and elbow dysfunction in our patients.

You and your physician have choices when it comes to your therapy.  See why we can offer the best results for your occupational,  hand therapy, and neuro rehabilitation needs.


Comprehensive Services......

We offer a wide range of services including the following:


  - Wound Care

  - Sensory Evaluation and Desensitization

  - Scar Management

  - Edema Management

  - Range of Motion Exercises

  - Custom Splint Fabrication

  - Kinesiotaping

  - Active Release Technique for the Upper Extremity, Spine, Lower Extremity, Biomechanics

  - Myofascial Release, Strain Counterstrain, Integrative Manual Therapy, Muscle Energy

  - Laser Light Therapy, Anodyne Therapy, HWAVE

 - Myofascial Cupping (vacuum assisted), Gua Sha soft tissue Mobilization, Tuning Fork Therapy

 - EGOSCUE Postural Assessment system

 - Jin Shin Jyutsu

  - Pain Management

  - Daily Living Skills and Functional Activities Retraining

 - Neurorehabilitation

  - Individualized Home Exercise Program